I was feeling homesick this last weekend and that gave me time to reflect on lessons learnt from living abroad. These are things no one ever really tells you until you find yourself in the thick of it, wondering why and how you could possibly be feeling this way. We’ve romanticised life abroad and this is just my reality check, which will hopefully resonate with a somebody.


One thought on “Homesick!!

  1. I loved this… Quite relatable too. I try explain London’s loneliness crisis to people back home and it is so far removed from them.
    With the benefit of hindsight (including that of being back home), I would say that living abroad is a double edged sword. It is like having your heart in different places. One place offers your heart community and belonging another offers it a fulfillment of aspirations. For many, being a young African means finding contentment in having your heart in more places than one.


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