Day 7 – The Apps

5 apps that you cannot live without

If I had to practice to App-stinence, even just for a week, these five would be my weakness…

Instagram – As a creative, a photographer to specific, Instagram is my go-to app for inspiration, to keep up with other creatives, and it also serves a platform for a mini-portfolio. I’ve met a number of my clients from this app and also connected with other photographers around the world. I prefer it over Facebook and Twitter because it is such a visual platform (although long captions have become a norm too) and I use it primarily as a platform to market my art and learn from other creatives.

Whatsapp – In spite of my love-hate relationship with it, I will admit, I really cannot spend a day without WhatsApp. It’s hard to believe that I went through the greater part of my youth without it (I see you, yes you, trying to figure out my age now). This ubiquitous app has really changed the game, making it easier (and cheaper) for lovers, families, friends and business partners to stay in touch, maintain relationships, rekindle memories and communicate. This is what I appreciate most about the app, but too much of something can also be bad. Remember the days of chain messages that often ended with ‘Forward this message to 10 people if you want….’? Argh! But we got through that phase, and now WhatsApp and I are in a good space, so I’m going to stick with the app (until the next best thing).

Weather – You simply cannot live without this app. Period.

Twitter – Now this is the app for all real-time news and conversations. News, opinions, videos, photos – there’s so much information circulating on Twitter which academics, organisations and governments can mine from this app. I really can’t keep up with the real-time updates but I find the app helpful when following conferences or talks because I can engage in the conversation without being physically present.

Google Maps – Don’t come at me with your Citymapper argument, Google Maps rules the roost.