Day 6 – The Reason Why

Why did you start blogging?

I started writing when I got a diary for my 11th birthday. It was pocket size with lines too small to contain my sprawling handwriting. I wrote everything in that diary – about my mini-crush on the guy sitting in Group 2 in class, about how Lynn had ignored me in class because I sit with her at break time, and how Kiato had received yet another pinch and clap on the head for being the class clown. While these stories seem trivial in retrospect, my diary became an extension of my private thoughts and reflections that I could revisit from time to time. Writing became therapeutic because as talkative as I was at 11, there were things I just couldn’t share with my best friend. But when I wrote it down it was out of my system and I felt better. Most of my diary entries were letters to God, the one ‘person’ who just got me.

As I grew older, academic writing took over and I neglected my personal writing, turning in required word counts for grades instead of expressing my real thoughts on issues that were important to me. Photography became the new form of expression and Instagram my favourite platform. But as much as photos capture moments, they don’t quite satiate the need to write. When I discovered blogging it felt like I’d been gifted with a new diary, a digital one for that matter. I was excited to start writing outside a course outline. I then decided to revive my blog, which I actually opened in 2012 (no-one knew about it though) with the intention to share my photography and the stories around them. It’s still a work in progress and I’m yet to establish a consistent flow of work but I’m glad I started. The blog has injected some new excitement in my otherwise boring life and I’m curious to see where this project will go!