Day 5 – The Business

What business would you start if you had the money?

If you thought I’d say photography, you thought wrong. I do intend to monetise my hobby but if it came down to making an investment of a lifetime, one that I could build a legacy on, it wouldn’t be photography, it would be the funeral business.

If I had the capital, I would invest establishing a company that not only provides the funeral services (a mortuary, provide, transport, catering, caskets, vases, cremations) but also provide the ground for your loved one’s final resting place.

Why? Death is inevitable. There will always be demand for the services and there’s no high or low season. That’s the business rationale, but from a personal perspective, funeral services are one of the most challenging processes because most people never plan for them. We all want to live forever, but accidents happen and life is cut short. Who do you turn to? Imagine a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your funeral services.

The one thing I’m still musing over is whether to offer photography and video services too – I’m yet to understand why people want to such moments. As a photographer I’ve turned down clients who wanted me to cover the funeral because I believe that grieving should be respected, and trying to capture a moment when someone is in a vulnerable state is to intrude into that personal space. Don’t get me wrong, not all funeral photography is intrusive, especially with funerals of high profile or public figures, as those photographs tend to have a documentary element to them. But it takes a strong mental and emotional state to be able to capture the feeling of grief and loss and I don’t think I’m there yet. I wouldn’t be able to sit down for hours to edit the photos, zooming in and out, cropping and correcting the colour. I just can’t.

Would you want to hire a photographer for a family funeral?