Day 4 – The Wish

The Blogger Genie has been merciful and all I have to do is write on three things I wish I could do well. Out of the whole lot of them, i have to pick three.

Three things I wish I could do well.

Getting out of bed. My friend, getting out of bed is a real struggle. The war between my body and my mind has been raging for the longest time and when it comes to leaving the comfort of my blankies, my body wins all the time. One would think that with time, it would get easier, but noooo! The only solution that has been working of late is waking up at least 30 minutes earlier. That way, if I just lie in for those 30 mins, I don’t run the risk of starting my day behind time. For those who find it easy to just open their eyes and roll out of bed, kindly share tips – how did you conquer this habit?

Consistency. Still on the subject of habits that should become easier with time, I’ve been trying struggling with churning out creative work consistently. Being a creative, the excuse is usually ‘I’m waiting for the spark of inspiration’ but as I’ve come to learn, you should never really rely on motivation, rather stick to habit. Creating a schedule or establishing a routine seems to be one sure route to consistent output. It’s no easy feat but has to be done, after all we are what we repeatedly do and success stems from consistency.

Approaching strangers. For photography (before your imagination runs wild). I enjoy taking portraits and more often than not, I’ve seen striking faces that I can just place in a frame. In my mind I always play out the conversation and it goes a little like this,

“Hi! My name is Musa, and I’m a photographer. I hope you don’t mind my saying you have a really beautiful face/striking hairstyle/a unique sense of style. Would you mind if I took a picture of you? Something for you to keep and for the world to appreciate.”

It doesn’t so bad right? Or if does, how do I make it sound less creepy? Then I’ll have to work the courage to put it to the test.

Dear Blogger Genie, these three wishes aren’t too much to ask for, are they?