Day 3 – The Freebies

Seems like everybody’s got a price,
I wonder how they sleep at night
When the sale comes first
And the truth comes second.
Just stop for a minute and smile!

Fergie – Price Tag

It’s a habit that started during my high school days and has stuck through the years. A teacher would say something and the class would break into song – we had a soundtrack for anything and everything. And when I saw the topic for the Day Three, I could hear Fergie’s Price Tag playing in my head. Off topic, I know. Let’s get into it.

Three things I would do for no pay

  1. Babysit. Most people (including parents) find babies annoying and clinging and would not spend a minute watching them without some remuneration for the inconvenience. I love children and find it an absolute joy when someone asks me to watch over their child. From the crawling toddlers who want to stick everything in their mouths to the picky six-year olds who will just not stop asking questions – I’m up for the challenge! The curiosity, the energy and unexpected gems that children share are both entertaining and refreshing – a break from the complicated adults that I have to deal with everyday. It’s also really cool when two little eyes look to you for advice, instruction and direction, trusting you to know everything and be everything – entertainer, chef, driver, friend. So yes, there’s no price tag for the humour, the joy and the lessons that these little humans will bring into your life. Also helps that I love taking pictures of children and the minute you pull out the camera, you have their full attention – we all like to play with our toys.
  2. Cook. I’m glad my mother doesn’t get to read my blog, because she’d have a hoot reading this! Anyone who’s known me for a long time will tell you that the kitchen has never been my favourite room in the house, mostly because I’ve never had a great relationship with food. That seems to be changing now. Being away from home, I often crave that porridge rezviyo with a bit of lemon for breakfast or that tasty and filling plate of sadza and beef stew for supper. I also started cooking for my friends and now it’s an actual ‘thing’ that if you’re visiting Musa, she’s going to cook something (in typical Zimbabwean nature). I could never be paid to cook though, it’s just something I enjoy doing ( and so far no-one has died from my meals so I take it a sign that it’s not too bad). I do have to add that cooking is another photo opportunity so, what’s that saying, two birds – one stone.
  3. Planning events. Photography has given me access to a variety of events, an opportunity to silently observe and learn from different people in the event planning business. I’ve even been to events where I ended up doubling as the photographer and planner when there’s no one taking charge. My friends have been victims of my interest in planning events as I will use any opportunity to pull off a party or event of some kind. I’m not an expert in this department (photography is hectic enough) but I’ll gladly lend a hand when needed, at no cost.

I just realised how all of my ‘freebies’ are related to photography. I suppose it is true – your camera becomes an extension of your body with time. I’d love to hear what you would do for no pay. Just three things (you’ll be surprised how much thought went into just finding three).