Taking Stock 1

One of my resolutions this year is to be consistent with my blog. I’ve been afraid of writing my thoughts for the longest time and I really want to break out of that habit. I came across the concept of Taking Stock on TeteHumba’s blog and I figured it would be a great way to start being accountable not just to myself but to you by committing to a reflection piece every month. And what better way to start the year than to figure out where I am right now?

Making: I’ve been working on my scrapbook for the last month. After losing all my photos a couple months back when my hard drive crashed, I have decided to print as many of my photos as possible and a scrapbook gives me space to scribble a note next to the photo, which will make for an interesting read one day.

Eating: Just had some sadza, beef stew and kale (it’s the closest thing to maveggie or skuma as the Kenyans call it). My friend and I love to indulge in meals that remind us of home because, to be honest, fish and chips do not cut it. You need that soul food, you know what I’m talking about.

Drinking: Rooibos tea with some lemon – the best remedy for a cold.

ReadingWe Need New Names by NoViolet Bulawayo. Once you get over the first few chapters of Darling’s childhood, you won’t be able to put the book down. To be honest I didn’t like it at first but now I find myself rereading some chapters because I don’t want to miss a single word. I’m starting to appreciate the complexities of identity and the concept of home now that I’ve been away from home for a year. I’ve set on the a-book-a-month challenge and NoViolet’s book was a great start!

Wanting: More time! Can a girl just get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and still pull an all-nighter in a photography class, plus have enough energy to do all the writing, reading and researching necessary for work? Why is it almost midnight? I just got of work a few minutes ago! I want more time. Sigh!

Wasting: Talent. I know I can do amazing things with these two eyes and these two hands but I don’t think I’m pushing myself hard enough. I need to set bigger goals for myself.

Creating: A network. I’ve made friends with amazing people over the last year and I’m excited that as we are all leaving London to pursue our dreams and careers, we’ve become a global network.

Wishing: For a new camera! Dear Canon, I’m sorry, it not you, it’s me…I think I’m in love with Sony. But I will never forget you…you will always be my first love. Yours forever, Musa.

Enjoying: The gift of friendship. The family you get to choose. My friends, old and new, have been the greatest blessing in my life and I plan on nurturing and investing in these friendships.

Loving: My hot-water bottle. I could never go through winter without one.

Hoping: I get a job soon. This transition from school to the working world is sometimes overwhelming because it feels like nothing is certain. It affects relationships, family relations, friendships, appetites sleep patterns – just stressful! So I really hope I do get a stable job soon.

Needing: To focus. I’m a jack of all trades – a strength and a weakness. I just need to find my niche and hone my energy into it. Watch out world!

Wearing: Comfy, warm, fuzzy socks. Who would I be without my socks?

Following:  A lot of photographers. That is where I get my motivation and inspiration. My photographer of the month is @thekashope. His documentary style is just amazing and honestly made me rethink every picture I thought was good in my gallery. I have a long way to go in terms of creating a signature style in my photography but I’ll get there. One day is one day.

And that is it for my January reflection piece. I hope you enjoyed getting to know me as I got to know myself. There’s something about writing your thoughts down that makes them more concrete and certain and I wrote this in one go, without overthinking or trying to sound politically correct. This is me. As real as it gets.

If you have any other questions that you feel needed to be added to the Taking Stock list, leave them in the comments section and I will address them when I do my second review in February.

Until then, smile – you’re doing okay!

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